The Metaphysics of Love

intellectual trajectory to a distinction between two different sorts of love: the physical (eros proper) and the ... The point is made again, in 1975, in 'God and Philosophy', this time with reference to Diotima's alleged insight that ...

The Metaphysics of Love

Emmanuel Levinas is best known for having reintroduced the question of ethics into the Continental philosophical tradition. In The Metaphysics of Love, however, Stella Sandford argues that an over-emphasis on ethics in the reception of Levinas's thought has covered over both the basis and the details of his philosophical project--a metaphysics which affirms the necessity to think of an unqualified transcendence as a first principle. Sandford's book is at the same time a powerful feminist critique of both Levinas's gendered philosophical categories and the attempt to reclaim aspects of this philosophy for feminist theory.

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