Abby s Birthright

Charles once again launched into the story of the discovery of Abby's disappearance. “Ok,” his relief apparent at his friends intent to help him, “apparently Abby's friend, Elaine Wolfe, came to visit Abby earlier the morning after the ...

Abby s Birthright

Spoiled debutante Abby Anderson is looking forward to her upcoming wedding to Jeffrey Browning, Savannah’s most sought-after bachelor. But when a jealous adversary publicly confronts her with allegations of her illegitimate birth, she realizes her reputation is ruined. Mortified, the debutante decides to immediately leave her Savannah home for destinations unknown. Joseph Jordan was headed to California, never expecting to run into the mysterious flaming-red-haired beauty. Her rudeness toward him challenges the handsome Texan. He soon finds himself becoming alarmingly interested in the beautiful debutante. A romantic alliance with this woman could be the ruin of his gold rush dreams. Jeffrey Browning was not about to give up on the love he and Abigail shared. He knew his strong political aspirations would help him silence the gossipers of Savannah. He wastes no time trying to find her and bring her back to Savannah to marry him as originally planned. Will Abby choose a new life with Joseph, the exciting handsome Texan? Will she choose to return home to marry Jeffrey and live the life she always known and loved? Or will fate intervene and make the choice for her?

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