Dare She Kiss Tell

She took the opportunity to kiss him on the cheek, party-girl air-kiss style— except it wasn't like any air-kiss he'd ever had—and he'd had plenty. It was a smacking, relishing kiss. Not the kind of kiss to.

Dare She Kiss   Tell

Introducing Hunter Philips—the heartbreaker of Miami… Hunter Philips sends Carly Wolfe's girl-power radar into overdrive—what kind of heartless man invents a callous break-up app called The Ditchinator? Challenging him to a TV showdown, she doesn't bank on Hunter's ice-blue stare and lethal charisma setting her heart racing…. After a romantic fiasco resulted in her losing her job, reporter Carly has relegated love to the back page. A sizzling fling with Hunter would definitely stretch her 'no emotional involvement' rule to breaking point, but what's a girl to do? If she's going to live close to the edge, she might as well enjoy it!

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