Electrophotography and Development Physics

The primary purpose of this book is to discuss critically the physics of all known electrophotographic development technologies and their associated toner charging mechanisms. To assist the reader who may be new to electrophotography, ...

Electrophotography and Development Physics

Electrophotography and Development Physics focuses on the complicated and increasingly important technology found in photocopiers and laser printers. An introduction chapter acquaints the reader with the technical history of electrophotography, its current and projected markets, and also alternative related copying and printing technologies. A concise descriptionof the physics of the complete electrophotgraphic process is followed by an in-depth treatment of static electricity. The three types of developmentsystems (two component, monocomponent, and liquid), and their associated charging mechanisms. In this second edition, a discussion of the new color copiers and a chapter updating the original material have been added. On mastering this material, which is presented in a manner suitable for both the newcomer and the established expert, the reader will have a workingknowledge of the electrophotographic process and a detailed knowledge of its important subsystem, development.

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