Lamentations and the Song of Songs

Listen to the turtledove, he urges her; smell the fragrance of the blossoming vines; taste the figs. The winter is over, the rains are past; the migratory birds have returned to the land. Now is the time to come outside.

Lamentations and the Song of Songs

In Lamentations, well-known theologian Harvey Cox draws on a wide array of sources including poetry, novels, films, paintings, and photography to offer a contemporary theological reading of Lamentations which is provocative and sure to stir numerous theological reflections and responses. The biblical book of Song of Songs has historically been seen as a book pointing to Christ's love for the church and has been interpreted in allegorical ways. Author Stephanie Paulsell suggests that the Song can still have profound meaning for us, teaching us "to love not only what we can see shining on the surface but also those depths of the other which are out of our reach."

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