Medic the Cloud and Bobby the Blue Eyed Bear

Mrs Cloudburst looked at Medic the Cloud . Thank you for coming to the Rainbow Arches Nursery School . Medic the Cloud . As you know , the collywobbles are all over the world and now have come here . We need to make sure that we test ...

Medic the Cloud and Bobby the Blue Eyed Bear

Mrs Cloudburst, the teacher in the Rainbow Arches Nursery School responsible for the education of little clouds, is very concerned that the Collywobbles has come to Featherwood Forest and the village of Ticklefield that are situated below the school in the sky. She is concerned that people and animals might get sick. She makes sure that Medic the cloud instructs all who live in the forest and the village that they need to wear their masks, keep apart and wash their paws, claws and hands so that they can be safe from the Collywobbles. In this story, Medic the cloud makes sure that Bobby the blue-eyed bear gets the cure he needs when he is sickened by the Collywobbles.

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