Nuclear Free Zones

It is said to be an agreement by non - nuclear states to stay non - nuclear , akin to a ' Smoke - Free Zone ' which applies ... First , Britain used five nuclear - powered submarines as part of its task force during the war : Conqueror ...

Nuclear Free Zones

There is growing interest world wide in nuclear-free zones. Originally published in 1987, this book explores the question of what constitutes a nuclear-free zone and charts the progress of the movement to establish them. The book shows how definitions of nuclear-free zones vary from those intended to exclude everything nuclear (including nuclear power installations and the dumping of nuclear waste) to those aiming to exclude nuclear weapons in a limited way. Special attention is paid to the three treaties which have established major international nuclear-free zones, (Latin America, South Pacific, Antarctica) examining their strengths and weaknesses as well as areas where the idea has been proposed (Balkans, Africa). The book concludes with a review of problems and prospects for the future.

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