The Good Samaritan

... by reading the face, the posture, and the pace of one's gait as he or she passed. The pastoral duties for the day were not over until every soul had left and you were locking the doors. Even as you did The Good Samaritan | 107.

The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan reveals an insider’s look at the effort for perfection in the Christian character. While the faces and places are not historically factual, they are characteristically revealing of the story—a story every honest person can relate to because they have experienced it or know someone who has had similar experiences. From the pew to the pulpit, from the secular to most sacred, from the accepted to the unacceptable belief, this story summons courage—courage to lay aside pride, prejudice, and custom in disclosing the truthful condition of one’s belief. Working as a paramedic, deputy coroner, EMS director, pastor, and registered nurse—as well as seeing life from many perspectives—offered author Sonny Harris a panoramic view and evaluation of core beliefs. These beliefs and findings are shared throughout this story and the evangelistic blues written and performed by Harris. The music and the stories within that music find daily acceptance in different cultures across the globe. Being born and raised in the Southeast during the baby boom generation gave the author the courage to challenge custom, belief, and practice for what lays ahead for the church and the world.

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