Why Me Lord

Not all family, but something within me feel lonely and distant. I feel as though I do not really have anyone. All my life I have been looking for someone to hold me and tell me that it is going to be okay. Someone that would love me.

Why Me Lord

Mental illness plaques a lot of people but it does not have to be your life story. Trusting and believing in God will make it easier than expected. God is sitting waiting for you to trust him. There is nothing impossible for him just let him carry you through. Mental illness is something that just happens you have done nothing wrong. Sometimes you wonder where are you God. Sometimes wondering if he feel your struggle, your pain. Often yelling at God in the mist of your tears. Believe it or not it does get better he will see you through. Mental illness does not have to be your name. How about healed, redeemed and set free. It might not leave you completely but it can be something that you just deal with time to time. Let me take you on my journey and let the rest be history.

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