Writing Ten Core Concepts w MLA9E Updates

Each of the other chapters explores the purposes and features of a different form of analytical writing and, using the Ten Core Concepts, guides students through an analytical writing project. The chapters also include practice in some ...

Writing  Ten Core Concepts  w  MLA9E Updates

Master the fundamentals critical to becoming an effective writer with Yagelski's WRITING: TEN CORE CONCEPTS, 3E. Carefully designed guides, thoroughly integrated with the core concepts, set this book apart as you study key rhetorical moves within analytical, persuasive and narrative writing. Applied assignments challenge you to complete causal analysis, academic arguments and literacy narratives. This edition presents writing as an interaction between writer and reader, teaching you how to use writing skills to participate in important conversations shaping today's lives. This edition features 26 new readings and 11 new sample student essays as well as new chapters on literacy narratives, summary-response essays, annotated bibliographies and presentations. Updates guide you in working with digital resources, expand your critical reading strategies and highlight the latest APA and MLA guidelines. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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